Adventures in Crochet

Happy New Year!

I’m such a lazy blogger.  That should be my resolution – be less lazy.

So, last-last Christmas (as in, 2012), I decided to crochet a blanket for a Christmas present.  Early last December (2013), it was finally done!

TARDIS blanketTo be fair, it is very large.  And it just happens that I am just as lazy a crochet-er as I am a blogger.  Sorry you had to wait so long, Sarah, but you’re warm now!  The blanket took an incredible amount of black and blue yarn.  I made it from a graph that I bought off Ravelry, from here.  It is also available from Etsy.  Totally worth the $5.00 or whatever it costs – this thing is huge and unbelievably bad-ass.  In a nerdy kind of way of course.  That’s my couch in the background of the picture.  The blanket takes up my whole living room floor.  It became so big that instead of turning it, to crochet back along, I had to get up and move to the other side of the blanket.

In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting lately.  As happens when you’re in your late twenties, all of my friends have started doing the baby thing.  Babies, as it turns out, are super cute.  And baby clothes are really really super cute.  My crochet skills are still rudimentary – I can pretty much do single, double, treble, and half-double crochet stitches and that’s it.  I’m hoping to how to crochet in the round soon so I can make an outrageously colored hat (violent pink or purple, probably) for my friend Gavin, who swore he would wear it in public if he did; but currently have contented myself with making baby hats for all the numerous babies that have come into my life.  Also a pattern I got from Ravelry, these are super easy to make and super adorable! (I forgot to take pictures before I gave them away!  I will try to remember to add them once I make new ones for the new babies coming along.)

Toronto Maple Leafs scarfFinally, I’ve been working on a scarf just these past few days for a much-belated Christmas present for a friend.  We are going to a hockey game later this week, and I wanted him to be able to properly support his team.  It’s not done yet, but getting there!  If you want to make one, you can get the free pattern here!  Even if you’re not a Leafs supporter, you could make a red one to cheer on Canada in Sochi!!

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