Black Bean Soup and Cornbread = Deliciousness On a COLD Day!

Yesterday I had the day off, and decided to make the most of it, spending about 5 hours in my pajamas doing nothing and playing on my computer, and then deciding at the last minute to make a nice warm hearty dinner of black bean soup and cornbread.  I looked up a recipe: I always use the same one for cornbread, it’s delicious; but I’d never tried to make black bean soup before, so this was a new experience.  If I’d put the cornbread in right away, it would have taken me about two hours to make, cook, and bake the whole meal.

I made the soup first.  The canned vegetables we get here are a little bit bigger than the ones called for in the recipe, so I just added a little bit extra of everything.  The recipe only calls for about 24 minutes of cooking time, but I just let it simmer after all the ingredients had been added (well, all the ingredients except the cilantro, I forgot the cilantro).  Everyone knows that black bean soup is better the longer it simmers.  While it was simmering, I mixed up the cornbread.  I added about half of a finely chopped up jalapeno pepper, just for a bit of kick.  Next time I will try it with more.  I also always drizzle some honey on the top of my cornbread when it’s just done baking – or sometimes just before it’s done.  Gives it a nice sweetness.

The result was a rich, warm, flavorful, very heavy soup and bread.  Perfect for a cold winter’s evening!



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