Harry Potter Wands!

This past summer, one of my most successful library program was Make Your Own Harry Potter Wand.  I ran it in the afternoon and had over a hundred people come to make wands out of paper and glue!  So fun and so easy, although it can take a fair amount of prep time.  I’m sure I got my ideas from Pinterest, and there are LOTS of great Harry Potter craft ideas out there, but to add to them, here is what I did!



  • Paper (I just use scrap paper (old lists, old flyers, etc), it’s all going to get painted anyway!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks (it takes a lot of glue)
  • Magical wand cores (phoenix feather, unicorn hair, or dragon heartstring)
  • Small marbles (optional, for decoration)
  • Paint (heavy on the browns, but I did see a lot of pink and purple and black wands too!)
  • Paint brushes

 wand materials

How to make them:

1.  Roll a sheet of paper up tightly, so that it tapers towards one end.  Depending on how your roll it, the wand can be longer/shorter/thinner/fatter.  I roll from one corner diagonally across.

Roll the paper

2.  Add a line of glue every so often, especially as you get to the end.



3.  Fill the skinny end of the wand with a dab of hot glue.

glue end

4.  Pop your magical wand core inside.

wand core

5.  Depending on the fatness of your wand, it may need some stabilizing: I’ve used Popsicle sticks, chopsticks, tissue paper, or often a mixture of several.  Stuff the wand as best you can/want to keep it from being bendy or fragile.


stuff wand

6.  Top  it off by filling the wand with hot glue.  Hold it fat-side up and just let the glue pour – this is where it can take a lot of glue.


7.  Let the glue dry.  This does not take very long, trust me.

8.  Add detailing!  This is entirely up to you.  CAREFULLY use the hot glue to make swirly designs, lines, dots, sometimes I’ve made a handle.  Here also you can glue a marble on for decoration.  I usually glue the marble on the base of the wand (I like the way it looks), but many of my participants put marbles on the business end of the wand, to symbolize magic.

marble end details

9.  PAINT!

Need I explain?

painitng painting 2me with wand  wand



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