Darth Malts

Liz here.

Just got back from a weekend at the cottage.  It was quite hot, and we all decided that milkshakes were a great idea.  And why, if we’re making milkshakes, would we make anything other than Darth Malts??  duh.

We made two chocolate and one peanut butter flavored Darth Malts.  How to:

1) gather together milkshake ingredients: milk, ice cream, blender

2) also get some malted milk balls: crush up a small handful (like 5 or six)

3) blend

4) delicious.






TARDIS shoes

So, we saw some Toms online that had been decorated, but we couldn’t afford them, so we Wal-Marted and made our own!
They’re not Toms, not nearly as comfortable, but they are damn cute!!


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First up: Darth Malts.  For sure.  Also, Skywalker Smoothies.

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Note to all:

Duncan Hines cupcakes are totally delicious.  Esepcially if you are a 4-year-old girl dressed as Rapunzel.  Recently we had a Fairy Tale Tea Party at our library, for which Anita and I made 96 Duncan Hines Confetti Cups cupcakes.  Their deliciousness was unmatched.

Also: pretty white cupcakes require egg whites, so, if you happen to be stuck with 12 egg yolks, try making two batches of these cookies



Sherlock and Wands

OK, so yesterday was supposed to be our first day of cooking… but we go distracted by other things.  Instead of Harry Potter food, we spent the evening making Harry Potter wands (photos to come once dry). Comprised mostly of marshmallow sticks and hot glue, we think our wands are pretty much the bees knees.

Oh, and we watched 4 and a half hours of the spectacular BBC show Sherlock.  If you haven’t already, check that show out.

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Ready, Set, Cook!

Hi all,

Liz here.  We’ve started this blog in an attempt to DO SOMETHING, other than watching copious amounts of Doctor Who and Community – although we’re still planning on doing that.

Today I checked the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, by Dinah Bucholz, out of the library where we all work.  Our mission: cook our way through the book, while keeping a running blog of our successes and failures, which recipes we like and which we don’t, and which come up to our Harry Potter standards.

While we don’t expect to be as successful as Julie Powell was with her similar venture (blog The Julie/Julia project, later book Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen, later paperback Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously, and fianlly film Julie and Julia), we do hope this blog will keep us busy through the upcoming summer.