Baby Blanket Time!

When you hit the your late twenties/early thirties, you may notice this phenomenon of all your friends having babies.  Sometimes, it really feels like all of them.  I’m a crocheter, and I like to make gifts for my friends, I feel like it’s more personal. I can’t commit to making a blanket for every baby, blankets take a long time (I have a friend who knits a blanket for each baby born in her group of friends – she cray cray).  Usually, I make a baby hat.  Hats are quick (especially baby hats!) and easy and super cute.  But for a few special friends and/or relatives, I do go all out and crochet a blanket.

This year, I took my first few steps into designing my own patterns. I created this graph for a Legend of Zelda baby blanket.  The graph shows one half of the design.  The other half is a mirror image of what is in the graph.  I did originally start out with a full-image graph, but found it too difficult to remember where I was, and which direction I was going!  Since both sides are the same, I found it much easier to repeat the graph backwards.

Triforce with Carter

I worked this blanket it single crochet, but half double crochet would also work!  When changing colors, I left both yarns attached, and ran the other yarn through the middle of the stitches.  The back side isn’t quite as nice as the front side, but I wanted to make sure there were no loose strings for baby’s fingers to catch on.

I also allowed for a border around the graph, but that’s up to you!

For just the graph: Start with a chain 71.

R1 – single crochet in second stitch from loop, 1 sc in each stitch across, changing colors where indicated in the graph.

R2-44, 1 sc in each stitch across, changing colors where indicated in the graph.

Triforce Graph

I also made some blankets using graphs I found of Ravelry!

Thanks to Ahooka Migurumi for sharing this Star Wars blanket pattern.

Star Wars blanket


Thanks also to kejsarinna Astrid for sharing this TARDIS blanket graph.  Note that this links to a website in Swedish, but the graphs are easily viewable and downloadable!

(pics to come)